Who We Are

Trenton Threatened Skies is led by a group of concerned Mercer County residents. Many of us have lived here for decades, loving, enjoying, and contributing in many ways to our community, with its beautiful green spaces, caring residents, and peaceful atmosphere. 


Trenton-Mercer Airport's expanded flight schedule, using larger planes and altered flight paths, has suddenly disrupted our quality of life. This increasing onslaught of low flying planes is endangering the sanctity of our homes, farms, open spaces and schools.  The planned massive Terminal expansion and related Taxiway changes will dramatically change the nature of the airport, affecting everyone’s quality of life. 


A massively larger Trenton-Mercer Airport will effect you, where you live, whether you are:

  • a parent, worried about your child’s health & hearing

  • a teacher, worried about your students’ learning

  • a local resident, worried about your increased risk of heart attack, asthma, and cancer

  • a farmer, worried about the emission fallout on your hard-earned crops

  • a pregnant woman, worried about plane exhaust causing preterm birth

  • a homeowner, worried about your home value. 

We are concerned that the expansion process has been grossly misrepresented to the community. It has been segmented to avoid proper environmental review. Many major changes have been approved as “repairs” to circumvent environmental scrutiny.  There has been no public Health Impact Analysis. There has been no transparent public accounting of the cumulative expense to our community.  Our mission is to properly inform the community of the reality of the expansion, expose the potential dangers to our air, water & health, and to demand accountability, transparency and public input.