We demand a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and a Public Health Analysis of the proposed expansion of the Trenton-Mercer Airport (TTN).  This is necessary because expansion to date has occurred piecemeal to avoid study of cumulative environmental impact.

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Analysis must include:

  • The cumulative & interrelated impact of the proposed Terminal Expansion & the Runway  Protection Zone.

  • Impact of increased flight & vehicular traffic volume using accurate volume estimates. 

  • Comprehensive analysis of the risk of water contamination. 

  • Impact on air quality with inclusion of airplane emissions in analysis.

  • Independent Public Health Study. 

  • Comprehensive accounting of expansion to include declining impact of property values  and tax base.

  • Environmental analysis must not be limited to Airport premises but must include surrounding communities in Mercer & Bucks Counties.


We recognize the value TTN provides to the community and are not seeking to close the airport.  We are concerned about unstudied effects on our health, environment, quality of life and home values.  We demand transparency & an accurate, thorough assessment with community involvement.