FONSI: Finding of No Significant Impact
ROD: Record of Decision
RPZ: Runway Protection Zone: Clearing trees, ground structures (homes) & other obstacles to allow for larger, lower planes, carrying more fuel, disingenuously promoted under the guise of ‘public safety’.
EA: Environmental Assessment.  Limited Study of environmental effects. 
EIS: Environmental Impact Statement.  More thorough analysis of environmental effects.
SEGMENTATION: Breaking expansion into smaller projects to avoid scrutiny of collective environmental effect, i.e. allows airport & FAA to avoid performing EIS. 

PFAS/PFOA/PFOS: substances found in Firefighting Foam which can contaminate drinking water and impact health. 
PM2.5: Fine particulate matter which is associated with traffic emission.

UFP: Ultra Fine Particulate matter, the smallest emission pollutants.  UFP can cross tissue barriers and penetrate vital organs.  UFP is emitted by airplane engines and pushed to the earth at high velocity.

HIA: Health Impact Assessment.  A HIA evaluates the public health consequences of policy decisions.